Travel pain

Peter Greenberg, the journalist known as “The Travel Detective”, is preparing to launch a new weekly travel program. Some of the publicity he’s creating to generate viewership reached my desk and grabbed my attention. PG writes:

We get it. you’re frazzled. You’re tired and now you’re stuck in line too. The number one mistake I see travelers making is to hit the road without thinking about how they are travelling.”

I’m a big fan of mindfulness. I’m inclined to think that preparing for an upcoming trip adds to one’s enjoyment and that people who delegate all the planning that is needed for a trip to a travel professional will pay a price: they’ll come away with a few dim remembrances and not vivid memories that can serve later to reignite their experiences of the trip in later years.

Peter Greenberg is a true travel expert who provides interesting and useful information. But in his attempt to garner viewers, he said something that  jarred me a bit and prompted this post. Mr. Greenberg promises that his new show will offer “insider secrets” intended to “take the pain out of the process of travel”.

Huh!? I thought that we traveled because it’s fun and enjoyable.

Maybe when Greenberg refers to the “process of travel” he’s thinking of the time we spend on board planes, trains, buses etc. as we move towards our eventual destination. It’s true that an 8-hour plane flight is a bit “painful”, and a 16-hour sojourn in the sky even more so. Or maybe the key term here is “stuck”, being marooned in between destinations.

Many tours I see advertised seem to involve constant movement from place to place. If the site-to-site movement is the primary cause of “travel pain” then the remedy would seem to be to decrease the “moving around” part of tours and, of course, the time spent “stuck” between destinations.

But what about the destinations themselves? All nirvana and no pain?


About Jim Flege

I moved to Italy after retiring from an academic career in an American university, and now live in a small hilltop town north of Rome with my Italian wife and dog.
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