Defining the best “slowtrav” towns in Europe

People who’ve been to Europe, especially frequent visitors, know that Europe is filled with pretty little towns. Wonderful little towns. Towns with a long history that ooze charm and make you happy to just be there. After all, these small towns have had many hundred — and in some cases several thousand years — to develop their own particular charm and flavor.

Foreign visitors often pass through these lovely small towns briefly, looking and admiring, but without having time to get to the towns, to understand what they’ve seen. Sometimes they leave wistfully, saying to themselves “Someday I’ll come back for a better look.” For most, that day never arrives.

Proponents of “slowtrav” have long thought that the most enjoyable form of travel is one that involves “staying put” in one place, avoiding constant point-to-point movement.  For this travel philosophy to work, of course, travelers need to carefully chose the town (or place) they’ve decided to “stay put” in. .

We’ve set our sets on identifying small towns in Europe consider to be suitable for a slowtrav vacation. However, before considering towns one by one, we first need to develop a general list of the qualities we’re trying to satisfy. That’s the purpose of the list below:

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About Jim Flege

I moved to Italy after retiring from an academic career in an American university, and now live in a small hilltop town north of Rome with my Italian wife and dog.
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